Masters in Hospital Administration(MHA) in Bangalore

About MHA Course in Bangalore

Duration of Course: 2 years.
Eligibility: Graduates with aggregate 50% marks in any discipline from any recognized university, in any country.

AIHS is one of the Best Hospital administration colleges in Bangalore, the Masters in Hospital Administration is designed to :
Provide basic understanding of the total healthcare delivery system and its complexities and role of an individual health care institution as sub system. Develop deeper understanding of multi disciplinary and multi dimensional nature of health management and provide basic insight into functional discipline. Provide scientific management approach and adequate managerial tools to improve managerial skills.
Help to develop strategic thinking and critical awareness of their, management style and constantly weigh its appropriateness to deal with various professional groups, skilled and unskilled staff patient and their families and members of the community.

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To develop quality oriented managers deeply committed to high quality services, sensitive to the needs of patients as well as community at the same time highly cost conscious with commitment to keep service cost with the reach of the common people.

Mha Colleges in Bangalore

In a health sciences bachelor's degree program, students can gain broad knowledge about the health field by studying natural and social sciences, mathematics, professional development and humanities. Students also study issues within the healthcare industry, such as policy, healthcare operations and medical ethics.

Master of Hospital Administration

The health care system is a complex, multi-layered system with several levels of operation. An individual hospital is simply a sub-system under this and requires complete coordination and management between the various sub-systems and individuals involved. The person managing several medical, technical and financial aspects of a hospital needs to be highly skilled, both in technical as well as vocational fields of the job. For all-around abilities to handle a system with such intricate complexities, mha course in bangalore being pursued.

MHA in Bangalore

The masters in hospital administration or MHA degree is focused on training students in managing sustainable and thriving hospital systems, as a sub-system of the health care module. The hospital administration course aims at training individuals to look at the healthcare system with a wider perspective, rather than narrowing down on ant one facility or specialization. Some of the skills necessary here are a sound knowledge of various medical and paramedic departments, their interconnection and synchronized working, patient addressing and dealing with their family members. These require good communication skills, active and thoughtful participation in fulfilling patients' personal needs, well-coordinated medical and non-medical staff, budgeting, care at maintaining the necessary medical standards. A person adept and comfortable with multi-tasking must only join such a varied stream.


Semester 1

  1. Principles of Management
  2. Organizational Behavior
  3. Statistics ,Operation Research and Research Methodology
    including Research Ethics
  4. Accounting in Healthcare
  5. Human Body and Function- Subsidiary Subject
Semester 2

  1. Epidemiology, Public Health Administration in India & Medical Ethics
  2. Financial Management in Healthcare
  3. Health Economics
  4. Materials Management in Healthcare
Semester 3

  1. Human Resources Management in Healthcare
  2. Marketing Management in Healthcare
  3. Legal Issues in Healthcare & Business Ethics
Semester 4

  1. Hospital Planning and Organization
  2. Management of Hospital Services
  3. Quality Management in Healthcare

Scheduled no of hours for Hospital Training

I Semester MHA 220
II Semester MHA 240
III Semester MHA 240
IV Semester MHA 1465