Masters in Hospital Administration(MHA) in Bangalore

About MHA Course in Bangalore

Duration of Course: 2 years.
Eligibility: Graduates with aggregate 50% marks in any discipline from any recognized university, in any country.

AIHS is one of the Best Hospital administration colleges in Bangalore, the Masters in Hospital Administration is designed to :
To develop managers who are quality oriented, sensitive to the needs of the patients as well as the community, cost conscious so that affordable treatment to common people can be provided.

MHA Colleges Coverage

The institute is committed to fostering excellence in various aspects of hospital management such as policy making, strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship.
During the course of study students are expected to gain practical knowledge in hospital operations management, service quality orientation, accreditations etc.

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Master of Hospital Administration

The health care system is a complex, multi-layered system with several levels of operations. An individual hospital is a sub-system under this and requires complete coordination and management between the various sub-systems and individuals. The person managing several medical, technical and financial aspects of a hospital needs to be highly skilled, both in technical as well as vocational aspects of the job. For all-around abilities to handle a system with such intricate complexities, MHA course in Bangalore is being imparted.

MHA in Bangalore

The masters in hospital administration or MHA degree is focused on training students in managing sustainable and thriving hospital systems, as a sub-system of the health care sector. The hospital administration course aims at training individuals to look at the healthcare system with a wider perspective, rather than narrowing down on one facility or specialization. Some of the required skills are a sound knowledge of various medical and paramedic departments, their interconnection and synchronized working, addressing patient needs and dealing with their family members. These require good communication skills, active and thoughtful participation in fulfilling patients healthcare needs, well-coordinated medical and non-medical staff, budgeting, care at maintaining the necessary medical standards. A person adept and comfortable with multi-tasking will be the one the healthcare industry looks out for.


Semester 1

  1. Fundamentals of Management and organizational Behaviour
  2. Epidemiology and Public Health Administration
  3. Research Methodology, quantitative techniques & Business statistics
  4. Management of Nonclinical services
  5. Human Body and Function- Subsidiary Subject
Semester 2

  1. Accounting and Financial Management in Healthcare
  2. Health Economics and Health Insurance
  3. Hospital planning and Project Management
  4. Management in Clinical services
Semester 3

  1. Human Resources Management in Healthcare & Industrial relations
  2. Public relations and Marketing Management in Health care
  3. Legal aspects in Healthcare & Business Ethics
  4. Quality Management in Healthcare
Semester 4

  1. Internship
  2. Project work on Hospital / Health care or case study on Hospital /Healthcare

Scheduled no of hours for Hospital Training

I Semester MHA 220
II Semester MHA 240
III Semester MHA 240
IV Semester MHA 1465

Masters in Hospital Administration (FAQs)

1. What is the MHA, Master of Hospital Administration course?

Master of Hospital Administration is a post-graduation course in Hospital Management. It contains the entire gamut of Hospital Management and administration as it's core aspect. Hospital Management Professionals are also considered as Health care professionals who drive hospitals in the leadership and administrative systems in a dynamic platform.

2. What could be the subjects in the MHA course?

Although Hospital Management and administration are the main subjects, there are other subjects too such as:

  • 1. Health Care & Hospital Management
  • 2. Human Physiology and basic terminology
  • 3. Health Care Economics.
  • 4. Organization and Management Process.
  • 5. Information Technology for Hospitals.
  • 6. Quantitative Techniques for Management.
  • 7. Patient behavior & Overall care
  • 8. Healthcare and Insurance

3. What are the basic eligibility criteria to do the MHA course?

MHA is a 2-year post-graduation course. An individual needs to have passed the undergrad or BSc course with the basic subjects as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Maths with a 50% aggregate score. On the other hand, BHA(Bachelor of Hospital Administration) completed candidates have an upper hand as they would have had basics of this course covered too in their undergrad degree.

4. What could be the scope of employment post-MHA?

There are various career options for an MHA qualified candidate.
1. Government and Private institutions have vacancies for Professors who have completed the MHA course.
2. You can work across healthcare sectors such as hospitals, clinics or pharmaceutical firms.
3. If you have excellent communication skills and leadership skills combined with the MHA course, you can have leading positions in Research and clinical laboratories

5. Is there any entrance exam for joining MHA?

There is no specific entrance exam for joining the MHA course. However, the eligibility criteria is at least 50% aggregate in BHA to opt for this course.

6. What is the duration of the Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) course at Acharya Institute of Health Sciences?

The Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) course at Acharya Institute of Health Sciences, a premier institution among MHA colleges in Bangalore, extends over a span of 2 years. This comprehensive hospital administration course encompasses policy-making, strategic management, and innovation. By nurturing a holistic perspective and focusing on patient-centered care, the program ensures graduates are well-equipped with the skills needed for managing complex healthcare systems. With a curriculum designed to develop quality-oriented managers, AIHS stands out as one of the best hospital administration colleges in Bangalore. The MHA course offers a unique blend of technical proficiency and cost-consciousness for aspiring healthcare leaders.

7. How does AIHS stand out among MHA colleges in Bangalore?

As a premier institution, AIHS is distinguished among MHA colleges in Bangalore. Acknowledged for excellence in hospital administration courses, it focuses on cultivating managers with a quality-centric approach. These professionals are finely attuned to patient and community requirements while maintaining a cost-conscious mindset, thus ensuring the provision of accessible and affordable healthcare services to all. This commitment aligns perfectly with AIHS's reputation as one of the best MHA colleges in Bangalore. Through its program, it addresses critical aspects of hospital administration, contributing to the advancement of the healthcare sector in the region.

8. Could you highlight the coverage of the MHA program at AIHS?

The Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) program at Acharya Institute of Health Sciences (AIHS) goes beyond traditional education. It focuses on multifaceted hospital management, covering vital areas such as policy-making, strategic management, and innovation. Through this comprehensive course, students not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also engage in practical aspects like hospital operations management, service quality orientation, and accreditations. This holistic approach ensures graduates are well-prepared to excel in hospital administration, positioning them as adept managers who can navigate the complexities of the healthcare sector. AIHS stands as one of the premier MHA colleges in Bangalore, imparting knowledge that combines expertise with empathy for effective hospital administration.

9. What's the significance of the Master of Hospital Administration course?

The significance of the Master of Hospital Administration, MHA course in Bangalore lies in its recognition of the intricate healthcare system and the complexity of hospitals as sub-systems within it. Effectively managing hospital operations demands a blend of technical and vocational proficiencies. The MHA course in Bangalore, offered by Acharya Institute of Health Sciences, strategically cultivates holistic capabilities in students to navigate and lead within the intricate healthcare landscape. This program aligns with the institution's commitment to producing adept managers capable of addressing diverse medical needs, orchestrating seamless coordination, and ensuring standards of care. It stands out among MHA colleges in Bangalore for its comprehensive approach to hospital administration course in Bangalore education.

10. What's the core focus of the MHA degree in Bangalore?

The Masters in Hospital Administration, MHA course in Bangalore, offered by Acharya Institute of Health Sciences, places a central emphasis on equipping students to skillfully manage thriving hospital systems within the broader healthcare landscape. This comprehensive program fosters a holistic outlook towards healthcare management, encompassing the synchronization of medical departments, dedicated patient care, effective communication, and the upholding of stringent medical standards. By addressing these critical aspects, the MHA course cultivates professionals capable of navigating the complexities of hospital administration course in Bangalore's dynamic healthcare environment. This holistic approach distinguishes AIHS among the top MHA colleges in Bangalore, ensuring graduates contribute to sustainable and patient-centric healthcare systems.

11. Could you elaborate on the skills the MHA course aims to develop?

The Masters in Hospital Administration, MHA course in Bangalore offered by Acharya Institute of Health Sciences focuses on cultivating a diverse skill set critical for effective healthcare management. This includes fostering a profound comprehension of medical and paramedic departments, vital for making informed decisions. The curriculum also places significant emphasis on nurturing communication prowess, essential for engaging with patients and their families empathetically. Moreover, the course sharpens coordination abilities, fostering collaboration among medical and non-medical personnel to ensure seamless healthcare operations. Equipping students with budgeting acumen, the MHA program enhances fiscal responsibility within healthcare settings. Furthermore, it stresses the importance of adhering to stringent medical standards, ensuring patient safety and care.

12. How does the MHA program at AIHS prepare students for the healthcare industry?

The MHA course in Bangalore program at AIHS extensively readies students for the healthcare realm by instilling versatile skills vital in the industry. With an emphasis on active engagement, seamless coordination, patient-focused caregiving, and adept management of diverse healthcare facets, this course ensures graduates are adept at navigating the complexities of the healthcare landscape. By amalgamating theoretical knowledge with practical exposure, AIHS equips individuals with a holistic grasp of hospital administration, making them invaluable assets to the sector. This approach ensures that MHA graduates possess the prowess to excel in various roles within hospitals, actualizing the vision of producing healthcare leaders who prioritize quality and affordability.

13. What sets apart the MHA course at AIHS in Bangalore?

The Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) program at Acharya Institute of Health Sciences (AIHS) distinguishes itself through its well-rounded curriculum, hands-on approach, and a strong commitment to nurturing adept managers capable of effectively maneuvering through intricate healthcare systems. This MHA course in Bangalore uniquely blends theoretical insights with practical experiences, shaping individuals who prioritize patient well-being and economical healthcare delivery. With a focus on hospital administration, AIHS emphasizes a broader healthcare perspective, fostering skills that span medical departments coordination, patient interaction, and financial prudence. This distinctive offering among MHA colleges in Bangalore prepares graduates to excel in the healthcare industry's multifaceted demands.

14. How does the MHA program contribute to the healthcare sector's development?

The MHA program's impact on healthcare is substantial. Graduates are well-equipped to manage hospitals effectively, comprehend varied medical requirements, and uphold top-notch patient care standards. Their expertise drives healthcare sector advancement, ensuring growth and longevity. This hospital administration course in Bangalore nurtures professionals who balance quality management, diverse medical insight, and patient-focused care, fostering a sustainable healthcare ecosystem. The MHA course in Bangalore at Acharya Institute of Health Sciences stands out among MHA colleges in Bangalore by cultivating proficient managers attuned to patient needs and cost-consciousness. These graduates are the driving force behind healthcare's progress and viability, embodying the essence of Masters in Hospital Administration.