Best BSC Nursing College In Bangalore

ACN BSc Nursing in Bangalore

Duration of Course: 4 years (Including 24 weeks of Internship)
Eligibility: Pass with aggregate 45% marks in 10+2, ‘A’ Level or equivalent with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as compulsory/optional subjects OR Pass with 45% marks in PCB subjects./p>

Acharya College of Nursing Established in the year 2003 (abbreviated ACN) is one of the Top Nursing Colleges In Bangalore. At Acharya College of Nursing we are committed for improvement of standards of nursing education and hence we have BSc Nursing program and MSc Nursing Programs under affiliation to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Bangalore and approval by Government Of Karnataka, Indian Nursing council ((INC), and Karnataka state Nursing Council (KNC).
ACN is one of the Best Nursing Colleges In Bangalore, Responsiveness of our staff, the quality of our facilities and the practical approach by providing a supportive and simulative learning environment using innovative teaching & learning strategies and technological advances. we ensure our programs meets the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s employees.

Top nursing colleges in bangalore

The vision of the college is to impart the best education in the trending world by merging the quality faculties and facilities to make student success. It is well equipped with all the modern facilities including Library, Computer Labs, Classrooms and preclinical laboratories.

BSc Nursing in Bangalore

Nursing is one of the top paramedic courses available for people with a diversified interest in the fields of healthcare as well as social responsibility. It is a profession within the health care concentrated on the care of people, families, and groups so they will achieve, keep up, or recuperate ideal wellbeing and personal satisfaction.
The challenges in the curriculum are beyond that of the subject content involved, including hospitality and philanthropic skills, apart from academic prowess. The undergraduate degree can be obtained from BSc nursing. Several nursing colleges in Bangalore provide BSc nursing admission to aspirants, along with options for further education as well.
But, with a course exhibiting such co-curricular challenges as BSc.nursing, one must look for the best nursing colleges in Bangalore. Any student who wants to pursue a successful career in nursing must aim high to secure a seat in the top 10 nursing colleges in Bangalore.
Acharya Collelge of Nursing, with its affiliation to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and the Government of Karnataka, Indian Nursing council (INC), Karnataka Nursing council (KNC), ranks among the top nursing colleges in Bangalore.
All those who can envisage themselves as caring and nurturing healthcare professionals should apply for the best nursing colleges in Bangalore. The Institute also provides Msc in nursing. Also see our Msc Nursing

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AIHS Facilities

The college campus has two different setups namely academic and nonacademic.

The academic set up consist of

  1. Highly modernised and smart class rooms which has lcd,ohp and net facility.
  2. Well equiped labs namely fundamental,nutritional ,peadiatric ,maternity,anatomy,physiology, ,and community where the students aquire practical skill and confidence before they go and attend care lively with persons with health needs
  3. A seminar hall for showing excellency in academic programs
  4. Exam halls with cctv
  5. A central library with vast resources with helinet facility
  6. RGUHS practical exam centre
  7. Tied up with the multi speciality hospital for example:columbi asia for clinical experience
  8. Timely educational visit as per syllabus
  9. 100%assitance in placement

The non academic set up consist of

  1. Hostel for both boys and girls
  2. Full time canteen
  3. Vehicles for transfort facility which is regularly for the clinical place
  4. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
  5. Execution of student welfare services by student nursing association
  6. NSS
  7. Alumini association
  8. Health clinic
  9. Yearly vaccination

BSc Nursing Colleges in Bangalore (FAQs)

1. Which are the top nursing colleges in Bangalore?

Bangalore offers a plethora of Top Nursing colleges in Bangalore. Most of the colleges have a good academic focus and prepare the students for emerging healthcare needs. Aihs is one of those top nursing colleges in Bangalore, which has excellent facilities and the best coaching. It has ranked as the top nursing college as of 2019 reviews provided by the students pursuing nursing courses in Bangalore.

2. What kind of facilities are in Nursing colleges in Bangalore?

Nursing colleges in Bangalore are uniquely designed to cater to the rising healthcare needs of the future. With excellent facilities and best academic and hospital exposure, Nursing colleges in Bangalore have an edge over others. AIHS is one such college with the best coaching facilities and highly talented teaching staff. Affiliated to RGHS, AIHS nursing college has a futuristic perspective towards its students and acts as a catalyst in the career of nursing students.

3. Do Nursing courses in Bangalore have demand?

Nursing courses in Bangalore are in great demand across the world. Both men and women have equal working opportunities as the healthcare system across the world keeps evolving and there is a constant dearth of Nursing staff to attend to these constant needs of the industry. Nursing courses offer the right kind of support to doctors and the world that are needed to serve and handle major diseases. AIHS offers the latest Nursing courses in Bangalore, affiliated to RGHS, and the best-trained staff makes AIHS one of the top 10 nursing colleges in Bangalore.

4. Is BSc nursing a 3-year course or 4-year course?

BSc Nursing is a 4 years course with 24 weeks of mandatory internship. However one could also choose a Diploma in Nursing which is a 3-year Nursing course that can be done right after the 10th standard. AIHS is one of the Top Nursing Colleges In Bangalore, Established in the year 1997, Which is Approved By GOK. At Acharya College of Nursing, we are committed to the improvement of standards of nursing education and hence we have BSc program and M Sc Nursing Programs under affiliation to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Bangalore and approval by Indian Nursing council ((INC), Karnataka State Nursing Council (KNC).

5. Which private nursing college offers the best Nursing course in Bangalore?

Various colleges offer good facilities for the upbringing of the students. However, one with a unique curriculum and the best infrastructure have an edge over the rest of the colleges. AIHS is approved by the Indian Nursing council ((INC), Karnataka State Nursing Council (KNC). It also has the best infrastructure and the latest technology to assist patients hence making it the best choice for Nursing course aspirants.

6. What are the Eligibility Criteria required for BSc Nursing in Bangalore?

  • As necessary, the candidate must have a minimum percentage of marks in the optional subjects or an aggregate of all subjects.
  • Minimum Age on the time of admission as stipulated by the concerned University.
  • It is strongly encouraged that applicants double-check and confirm that they fit the program's eligibility requirements.

7. What is the Fee structure for the BSc nursing course in Bangalore?

Fee Structure for Nursing course On average, the tuition fee for three years ranges between 1 Lakh INR to 5 Lakhs INR. Regular Admission for Bsc Nursing Universities usually have a minimum marks criteria, which students must satisfy and to be considered eligible. The Minimum marks criteria are around 50% marks aggregate in 10+2 with the electives as PCB(Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).Eligibility For Bsc Nursing course Some Universities conduct the Entrance exam for the Qualifying exam students. As per the merit-based system, students can get admissionin reputed universities. The students apply for admission through direct seats from the quantifying exam.AIHS offers world-class facilities and exposure at affordable rates.

Acharya College Of Nursing

Approved college details: Approved by GOK, Affiliated to RGUHS, Recognised by KNC, Recognised by INC
College staring date and year Bsc Nursing staring year:2003 Msc Nursing staring year:2008

Staff details

1. Full time staff Principal=1 Vice principal =1 Hod =4 Tutor=1

2. Part time Professor=7 and associate professors=4 (anatomy, Physiology ,pharmacology, Genetics, Statistics, Kanada, English, Microbiology, Bio chemistry, Psychology and sociology)


Year 1

  1. English
  2. Anatomy
  3. Physiology
  4. Nutrition
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Nursing Foundations
  7. Psychology
  8. Microbiology
  9. Introduction to Computers
  10. Kannada
Year 2

  1. Sociology
  2. Pharmacology
  3. Pathology
  4. Genetics
  5. Medical Surgical Nursing(Adult Including Geriatrics)
  6. Community Health Nursing
  7. Communication & Educational Technology
Year 3

  1. Medical Surgical Nursing – II
  2. Child Health Nursing
  3. Mental Health Nursing
  4. Nursing Research & Statics
Year 4
  1. Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
  2. Community Health Nursing
  3. Management of Nursing Services and Education

Scheduled no of hours for Hospital Training

I Yr B Sc Nursing 450
II Yr B Sc Nursing 844
III Yr B Sc Nursing 990
IV Yr B Sc Nursing 1465