Best College for Masters in Physiotherapy in Bangalore

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Duration of Course: 2 years.

Eligibility: Pass with 50% marks in BPT or B Sc Physiotherapy from any recognized university, in any country.


Year 1: MPT Part-I(Paper-I,II & III):
  • Paper I-Principles of Physiotherapy Practice, Research Methodology and Biostatistics
  • Paper II- Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Electrophysiology
  • Paper III- Physical and Functional diagnosis
Year 2: MPT Part-II(Paper-IV & V):
  • Paper IV- Physiotherapeutics
  • Paper V- Elective
  • Master of Physiotherapy in Musculo-Skeletal disorders & Sports(MPT-MSS)
  • Master of Physiotherapy in Neurological & Psychosomatic Disorders(MPT-NPD)
  • Master of Physiotherapy in Cardio-Respiratory Disorders(MPT-CRD)
  • Master of Physiotherapy in Community Rehabilitation(MPT-Com)
  • Master of Physiotherapy in Paediatrics (MPT-Ped)

Scheduled no of hours for Hospital Training

I Yr & II Yr MPT 1350

Health Sciences

In a health sciences bachelor's degree program, students can gain broad knowledge about the health field by studying natural and social sciences, mathematics, professional development and humanities. Students also study issues within the healthcare industry, such as policy, healthcare operations and medical ethics.

Master of Physiotherapy

There are a lot of people suffering from back pain, neck pain, and spinal pain and sports injuries. So we need good physiotherapist. There is an excellent scope of physiotherapy in the upcoming years. In the core area of physiotherapy students also get the opportunity to learn about evidence and professional practice, interprofessional teamwork, leadership and undertake a project work. There are a number of physiotherapy courses in Bangalore at postgraduate level for those wishing the further their knowledge and pursue a vocational career path. Postgraduate physiotherapy course prepares you for a rewarding career as a clinician with the skills to specialize in musculoskeletal, sports, neurological, pediatric, and academic and research. One of the top college for physiotherapy courses in Bangalore that I recommend is M.S Ramaiah Medical College in Bangalore. This college teaches both bachelor and post graduate physiotherapy courses. The Oxford College of physiotherapy is also a good college for postgraduate physiotherapy courses. It has specialization in neurological and psychosomatic disorders, physiotherapy in cardio-respiratory disorder and intensive care, community physiotherapy and community-based rehabilitation (IBR). It also gives you special clinical and teaching exposure in terms of seminars, clinical presentations, special clinical, interdepartmental meetings, camps/field visit and many more.